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Man City entered their matchup against Crystal Palace on Saturday without any home losses — but there’s a first time for everything. Man City came up short against Crystal Palace, falling 2-0.

In total, according to Opta, the home side registered three shots directly from fast breaks, the joint-most by any team in a Premier League game so far this season.

That Reus is old is a banal fact and a strange reality. People get old, things change, the years stack on top of one another; it’s the most simple rule of the universe. What’s strange about Reus being old is that because he has stayed on a team for which young players are consistently coming in and leaving from, he is an outsider within that machine. Talented players like him aren’t supposed to make Dortmund their forever homes.

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Understandably, the announcement they would be getting married to a complete stranger would often leave the contestants’ loved ones gobsmacked and in disbelief.

Sitting on reserves of £55million, with chief executive Gordon Taylor earning £2m and his organisation so financially secure there has been no talk of pay cuts, redundancies or furlough during the pandemic, the idea that the PFA could aid both its members and their clubs by paying for weekly health checks was first floated by Sunderland chief executive Jim Rodwell last May, as a way to avoid curtailing the season, and met with a deafening silence.

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