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I spent some time working on the buses with the great British public, and life on the buses certainly had it's moments, and in the early years it didn't seem like work, it was just one long party,and that's me above in the picture as some of you may remember me...

Got a lot less hair now. Sorry about the mugshot...


I really looked forward to going to work, but sadly, time catches up with us all, so I reckon it's only right that I dedicate this page to the wonderfull lads and lasses that I had the privilege

of working laughing and loving alongside in those happy and now far off distant days...

Cheers to all of you on Black and White at Cheltenham, especially my good mate Rikki Jones from South Wales who I never saw from that date (Season of 1971) to this.

Also to Halifax.C.P.T. (Winter seasons) 1968/69/70/71/ through to 1976, to Yelloways Rochdale 1972 to 1974 (summer seasons) in and amongst, and to all the great lads and lasses on Yorkshire Rider, last good times in my opinion before First Group took over the running's, enough said there then!.

BELOW: On chester Zoo coach park 1974 when this coach was brand new.


If you watch the video below while you browse here, you will find it quite melancholy


See if you can identify some of these old faces ? Taken in the old Powell Street canteen and other long gone locations With more photos to follow

Upload pictures of your badges here at



Good luck to John Shrubb on his retirement...may you have many happy years of leisure ahead of you John.

Dave Sayers ....HARD AT WORK !


Above: Courtesy of John Shrubb. Some old faces here alright...

Hubberton Terminus with the Riggin pub, where we would catch the last pint on friday and saturday nights, you would get shot for that theses days.

dave sayershalifax bus

ABOVE..Dave Sayers in No.35

I started back there for the 5th and final time in 1990 when Yorkshire Rider was the Logo of choice, alongside Neil Austin..Paddy Afzal..and John Holden.

I managed to work a while in London albeit for only a couple of weeks for Grey Green as a Coach driver on the London to Brighton service, and then onto London Transport as a stage driver.

Those were the days when jobs were ten a penny, I had a full head of hair and not a care in the world , and you just hopped from one job to another.


Powell Street canteen


Maybe there could be something here to stir your memories.. I hope so. Check out Dave Haddocks wonderfull and Iconic Yelloway site on the link to the left Yes I'm on there, and it's hard to believe that my bus badge (BB63727) and licence is in a museum now. so there it is peeps, if you feel that you may be able to contribute, please get in touch with me on facebook or Twitter or you can email me or leave a message in the message box at the bottom of this page, and we can discuss.... Many thanks. Alex.

My thanks to John Shrub for his contribution to this page..cheers Big John.

Tony Mash 1974

Above Left: Tony Mashiterr Taken inside Harrington Cavalier coach Ex-Blackpool X79 service to Rochdale (1974)ny ideas

Above Right: Malc Shirreff, Dave "boy" Green, N Me. Ex- Yelloway crew (1972) reunionBjjj



Their names are but a few and I know there are more names I haven't listed, so your help would be very much appreciated, please feel free to contact me with more names of Ex Bus drivers. Many Thanks.

Here's A couple more nostalgic photo's that I took in and around Skircoat garage 1994 ....

The ventilation was non existent, but I suppose we've got to remember...it was the original tram garage.


Early morning Foggy welcome in Skircoat Garage Mid Nineties, I'm glad I took these pictures now because Skircoat garage will soon pass into the annals of history, and after time we tend to forget what things used to look like.

And how many of us have walked these smokey hallowed halls ?

More old nostalgic pics for you to enjoy


The old bus stations as we remember them ?........Hard to believe now



A little bit of Bradford nostalgia ...lovey video.


ABOVE LEFT: Mick (now retired) with No.10 Heart of the Pennines.


John O Groats to Lands end

Above..John 'O Groats to Lands End cycle ride For Overgate Hospice Elland in which We Raised £5000.00 in September 1996 Top to Bottom in 68 Hours

Many Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters who gave their hard earned cash to such a worthy cause.

Walsh's of Halifax..... 1st Group and their Nationwide Backup.....Star Garage.....Cycle Gear to name but a few.

Bike Blog available to read at your leisure. please enjoy.





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