I spent some time working on the buses with the great British public, and life on the buses certainly had it’s moments, and in the early years it didn’t seem like work, it was just one long party,

Life takes it’s toll on all of us and i’ve got a lot less hair now.  

I really looked forward to going to work, but sadly, time catches up with us all, so I reckon it’s only right that I dedicate this page to the wonderful lads and lasses that I had the privilege

of working laughing and loving alongside in those happy and now far off distant days…

Cheers to all of you on Black and White at Cheltenham, where I did a summer season in 1971.. especially to my good mate Rikki Jones from South Wales who I never saw from that date (Season of 1971) to this.


Also to Halifax.C.P.T. (Winter seasons) 1968/69/70/71/ through to 1976, to Yelloways Rochdale 1972 to 1974 (summer seasons) in and amongst, and to all the great lads and lasses on Yorkshire Rider, last good times in my opinion before First Group took over the running’s, enough said there then!.

This page is all about the memories that were made in a time that we will never relive, but this is where to come to drift down that old lane once more, just for a few brief moments.

Richard McAllister's Excellent restoration of PJX 43

Credit to all who have taken part in this incredible restoration of PJX43

Halifax nostalgia

Looking back in time, when the job was a joy and workmates became friends for life…

Most of us will remember people we made friends with for life after working on the buses and coaches, today and for as long as the Yelloway motor Museum is preserved, my badge and Licence is now on display there…just shows how old we get when the license is in a museum…lol so I’ve put a gallery here for you to look back on when we were all a little younger, some of us are no longer with us, but we remember them and the laughs we had along the way…. I hope you enjoy.  Thanks..Alex.