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My driver badge now resides proudly in the Yelloway Museum in Bury.
I still have my conductors badge at home. 
My Drivers badge preserved in the museum.
His Honour Graham Taylor at the Yelloway reunion do Rochdale...ABOVE.
I spent some time working on the buses with the great British public, and life on the buses certainly had it’s moments, and in the early years it didn’t seem like work, it was just one long party. 

Also to Halifax.C.P.T. (Winter seasons) 1968/69/70/71/ through to 1976, to Yelloways Rochdale 1972 to 1974 (summer seasons) in and among, and to all the great lads and lasses on Yorkshire Rider.

Last good times in my opinion before First Group took over the running’s.
Enough said there then !. 
That’s me on the right,and Bob Marshall in California in 92, sadly we lost Bob shortly after, he was just 50 years old.
 I really looked forward to going to work, but sadly, time catches up with us all, so I reckon it’s only right that I dedicate this page to the wonderful lads and lasses that I had the privilege of working with in those happy halcyon days…
Also many thanks to all of you on Black and White coaches at Cheltenham, where I spent many happy hours along with Colin Goodall..Les Kinvig , and Ricki Jones from South Wales ..


Dave..Steve, and Tony Mashiter


Times have changed so rapidly over the last twenty years, and there have been many changes, with the buses, new operators etc., but what I like most is, I still see all the old faces, friends of mine still driving for these different companies.

I find that quite comforting.

Keep going lads and lasses

Tony Mashiter…Steve Bolton…Dave (BOY) Green…
Myself and the man who we owe it all to for these memories..Dave Haddock..


Us with the man who made it all possible..Dave Haddock.

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