Remember one day, got back about dinner time and if you had a sleeper they could turn you round, went into office and Knuckles gave me a trailer for Debenhams at Avonmouth, fueled up and washed unit and messed about cos I was only going to Birch and having a dodgy.

Backed under trailer and Derek Thornton said the trailer was empty so I told Knuckles, told me he ran transport, not Derek, so take that trailer, so off to Birch,got a lift home then the day after down to Avonmouth.

Asked Debenhams what they wanted me for with an empty trailer, no idea, rang Knuckles, said come back, two days holiday and a bonus night out!

And when about six blown over in a day and Knuckles reply was ‘it’s not windy here’!

And Knuckles asked Popeye why was he’s wagon in the garage, reply was’there’s a hole in the roof, and they’re looking into it’! You can’t make it up can you.