This new page on my website will take you down Memory Lane in regards of Halifax’s well loved brewery ” WEBSTERS”.

I had the pleasure of working there in 1970, albeit for just a short time, as a drayman, it was the winter of 1970 and it was cold and snowy, I can tell you, but I was young and full of testosterone, and the hard heavy manual work suited me perfectly.

We would load up early in the morning, everything was handball the Hogs Heads were the heaviest, weighing in at 7 hundredweight, we would drop them off the back of the wagon onto a “pig”, which was a sack bag made of jute and stuffed with a rag filler this would absorb the shock as the barrel landed and avoid any damage.. leakage etc.  there was a knack to swinging them up onto the stand in the pub cellars, which took a bit of getting used to, the Hog’s Heads were wooden barrels full of spells and sharp metal bands which could quite easily take your fingers off if you nipped them up against the cellar walls, one or two of the lads did have the ends of their fingers missing by the way. It was pretty cool job when you think about it, all the pubs we delivered to back in those days would give you a pint after delivery was completed, so you can see how we were affected as the day progressed.

Then there was the infamous bottle wagon , which I had to do a stint on, these were the days when the bottles came in very solid wooden crates which were quite heavy when full of beer, again, all handball, so one of us would throw them down, (one at once of course) and the other would be at the bottom of the pub cellar waiting to catch and stack them, a loaded one came down and an empty was thrown back up and loaded back onto the wagon for refilling back at the brewery, this task was alright for the 1st ten or fifteen crates, then your arms started to get tired and the crates became heavier and heavier, but the reward was a nice bottle and ten minutes at the bar before going onto our next drop.

So I have been presented with a volume of photographs which were given to me by the photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, so I respect his wishes completely…I will be posting photos of the Brewery and it’s workforce at some point in the future, and here it is now, I hope this brings back fond memories for some of you who had the pleasure of working there.