Meet The Team :

 left to right :-

Mick “Stoker”Duncan….Terry ” The Windjammer”Michael.. Barry” The Pink Room” o’Shea

Myself “The Scout” ..John “The Beast” Lynch.. and Andy” Spanners” Riding.

John “The Beast” Lynch..Barry “The Pink Room” O’Shea….and myself ..Alex”Scout” McNee.
It’s hard to believe it now but this fantastic event
took place starting from 22 / September / 1996
A small group of dedicated and well trained individuals, all bus drivers from the 1st group garage in Halifax West Yorkshire took on the task of riding from John O’Groats to Lands End, a distance of approximately 1000 miles in aid of the Overgate Hospice in Elland West Yorkshire with the aim of reaching a target of £10.000.00 overall, and we managed to achieve £5000.00 net handover to the Hospice after completing the run in eight days instead of the eleven days which were anticipated, so we really kicked it’s backside.
We trained very hard for three months every Sunday and on our days off, before the event in the heart of the steep and unforgiving Pennine hills, and if you can survive the pain on the uphill climbs, then you can survive anywhere, and we did as it happens.

Photo’s and video to follow.