RDCs and HUBs Refusing facilities because of CORONA

The Traffic Commissioners are aware of a number of incidents in which drivers have been refused access to handwashing and toilet facilities when making deliveries all over the U.K.

Even more shockingly, on occasion, this has involved operators refusing access to other operators to their premises.

The Government guidance is very clear on the measures that everyone should be taking during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In order to adhere to this, and protect themselves and others, drivers must be fully supported in carrying out their duties safely.

The advice issued by HSE says it’s illegal to refuse drivers access to sanitary facilities when they are delivering to your premises. It also acknowledges that failure to allow use of welfare provisions could increase the risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading.

The Traffic Commissioners urge everyone to unite during the outbreak and say its vital that the whole country pulls together in these challenging times.

Please try to be sensible and follow all the Government advice..truck drivers need to be looked after when making deliveries..Remember, they are part of the front line keeping the country fed.

Thank You…

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