The lives of millions of people were devastated by the floods

The lives of millions of people were devastated by the floods

Most areas of Sylhet and Sunamganj districts were inundated by the floods. The lives of millions of people were devastated by the floods. A terrible crisis is passing. Thousands of people are running away from their homes at any moment. All over Sylhet now it is like a picture of wailing and crying. The hearts of the stars have also been touched by the tears of these people who are in dire straits. Stars from afar are talking about financial support for this disaster in Sylhet. Entertainment stars, including film, drama and music, have even come forward to help on a large scale by raising funds. The popular hero of Bangladesh Shakib Khan has called upon the people of the country and expatriate rich people living outside the country to come forward to deal with the disaster.

Dhaliwood’s top hero Shakib Khan is in the United States at the moment. King Khan, the famous hero, said that the pictures and videos of the people in danger of the disaster in Sylhet published in the country’s media for two days are bothering him. On his own initiative, he has declared to be by the side of helpless people.

“I have taken the initiative to send financial assistance within my means to meet their basic needs,” Shakib Khan wrote on his verified Facebook page. The plight of the flood-stricken people is bothering me terribly. From a humanitarian point of view, I am by the side of the people who are in the grip of a terrible flood. ‘ At the same time, he has taken initiative to form a fund. From which the money and other assistance received will reach the temporary crisis of the people of Banavasi who are in trouble.

Not only Shakib but also Jaya Ahsan, Asif Akbar, Tahsan Khan, Lincoln, Masud Hasan Ujjwal, Apurba, Simon Sadiq, Bappi Chowdhury, Mehzabin, Afran Nisho and others have come forward to raise funds. They are working regularly.

He urged the fans to stay by the side of the affected people with the mobile number to send financial aid. Asif wrote on Facebook, ‘Like ‘8, ’96, this year’s flood is also taking a terrible form. Feeling restless. I have decided to stay by the side of the flooded people as much as possible. Be ready too. ‘

Actress Jaya Ahsan is concerned about the safety of people as well as animals in the flood-hit area. Many poor people have lost their livelihood and lost their animals. Many families will be destitute as these animals die. This Dhaliwood heroine suffers for every flood-hit family. Jaya writes, “From the bottom of my heart, I am praying for everyone, let this horror of nature be cut off soon, let all the people of Sylhet and Sunamganj, the animals be safe.

Cinemapara was a little light of hope. In that hope, two movies were released last Friday. Producers stumble at the beginning. The morning show was canceled in different parts of the country due to continuous rain. However, with the increase of time, the number of visitors has increased but it is not as expected.

When the producers of the two movies should be upset with the authorities, they announce that the movie’s dividend will be spent on the flood victims in Sylhet. The producer of the inhuman film, which has been released in 41 cinema halls, has announced that he will deduct the owner’s share from the ticket money for the first week of release and spend the rest of his money on the Banavasi people. On the other hand, Saikat Nasir, the director of Talash Cinema, which has been released in 54 cinema halls, said, We will leave for Sylhet soon with that fund.

Milon Bhattacharya, a small screen actor, was present during the floods in Sylhet. On his return from Sylhet, he shared his experience and said, ‘I went out in a rickshaw to see the situation.

What a horrible situation! Everyone is terrified of the flood waters. Thousands of people were stranded in places not far from the city. The administration was trying to rescue them. I have talked to many people and the people of Sylhet have never seen such a bad situation before.

Various organizations of drama and music have expressed their determination to be by the side of the afflicted people. Due to the floods in Sylhet and its horrors, people are going through miserable days there. Their life has come to a standstill. Time is running out in the dark.

The cooking stove has sunk, so many people have stopped cooking. People in flood-hit areas are facing food and water crisis. The Directors Guild, an organization of small screen directors, has vowed to stand by the flood victims. They also sought the cooperation of all the manufacturers. Many stars have expressed support for the initiative.

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