Calder Valley (Holdsworths) Transports)

Pictured on the left here is the Legend that was when I was just starting out on my driving career, way back in 1965/6, The one and only Taff Davies, who taught many of us young uns (at the time) the ways of good old fashioned British Road Transport.

I was one of the lucky one’s who he guided, men like him shaped our working lives in a way they will never know, or never will have realised at the time either, it’s only till we reach a certain age that we realise it ourselves.

I first worked alongside Taff at Holdsworths Transport ( Calder Valley Transport) down Wade Street in Halifax, where the yard was, and is now the new bus station, I did my first run to London, under the wing of Taff, circa 1966, we were a band of about five or six of us from Holdsworths, loaded for the docklands in London, some of the other names that I can bring to mind back then, who sadly are no longer with us, but remain firmly in our memories are:

Jim Whitham..Sid Glendenning…John Fossey, (one of the only ones still living) Curley Johnson…Paul Regan…many more names evade me.

After those early days, we move on to the mid 70s Where I was to meet up with Taff once more, we both worked at A-One Transport in Morley (Leeds) by this time, Taff was running into Europe, and had one of the top Motors at the time, a Volvo F88, king of the road of the 70s., I was running U.K. and was still a relative pup at the time, and driving an A.E.C. Mandator…these were the days when you had to earn your way up to a top motor, or getting in on the International work.

As the years passed, Taff and myself met once more at Bannon and Wards in Dewsbury, and this was around 1977/8..And by this time I was already on the European work, and on my way to being a top link driver, just like the old hands, nevertheless, I still had a lot to learn. 

Men like Taff taught me and my generation of transport men of today everything, (the good, and the bad) that the industry had to offer, what bound us together was Camaraderie, something that is sadly missing today. These stalwarts will not come this way ever again..

R.I.P. Taff, and all the others who have passed, on the roads of yesteryear.