U.S.A. With Mark Bray

Mark Bray took off on an adventure that i’m sure quite a lot of us have thought about, but never followed through, due to situations personal and other, most of us never got round to following that dream.

Mark started his own business in West Yorkshire England a good few years ago, he had a good start to begin with, but for a small entrepreneur in this cut throat business, he found it difficult to make any headway, I had the pleasure of working for him on a temporary basis for a while and couldn’t have asked for a more understanding man to work for, we became firm friends over the years, and I still value his friendship today.

So after much deliberation, frustration and patience, Mark finally got the green light to emigrate to Canada, it was a bold step to take, but he wanted that dream, and went for it full tilt, he got stuck in and learned new tricks in a new country and realised that dream.

I’m sure we all would like to wish him good luck and happy trails…most of all to stay safe.

Mark now trucks all over the United States of America from his base and home in Canada, and we can now enjoy some of his photos that he kindly lets me publish on my website…

This page is dedicated to Mark. 


I have been very lucky to have had the pleasure of working with some great lads and lasses over the last few years, Iv’e made many new and valued friends all over the country, all of them doing a very demanding, sometimes thankless, and at times, stressful job. It’s a job where you work alone,

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If you are wary or slightly nervous whilst driving on motorways surrounded by large vehicles, then this is the book that will make essential reading for you.  I wrote this book for all those car drivers who have never had any Motorway Training.  So most! Sitting up high in my truck cab over the years

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