The old growling Transcon.

My Story

55 years on the road man and boy, as a Lorry/Bus and Coach Driver, working U.K. and the continent in the 60s..70s and eighties, and now working on the Agency, servicing multiple companies throughout West Yorkshire, Lancashire, and South Wales. Retirement should have come a few years back, but a miss spent youth has kept me firmly in the saddle. Fortunately, I have been blessed with good health, so I'm able to continue what I love doing for a while longer.....This job has been a merry go round of moving on to the next one, and it still continues to this day, as I move on once more in to the unknown, starting with more companies , with more adventures to be had,, so you see..your never too old to try something new....Keep it lit gentlemen. ...... I hope you enjoy your visit to truckcentral please call back real soon....ALEX.

  • “Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde. …
Waiting for my box, back to the North

Featured Drivers past and present

A selection of some of the  fantastic boys and girls doing a difficult job in these difficult times

mark Bray U.S Canadian Yorkshireman

Mark Bray

Follow Mark on Facebook, as he left Yorkshire for new adventures in Canada and the U.S.A.  Good Luck Mark..

Happy Trails.

Seb and Glen

Two top Fortec Night trunkers .

Pete from Rotherham and Dek from Manchester
Fortec hub night men.
Pete (Rotherham) and Derek ( Manchester)

Trevor Reeve

 My Southern Buddy from London another top driver on the Fortec  Night Trunk


Kyle Wyntrip

Ex- Fortec Top Night Trunker moved on to other pastures..Good Luck Kyle.