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Cover photo. Long time back now, with some of the old timers we used to drive..
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A little bit of everything in transport, including some nostalgia for those of us with a few miles under our belt… have a look at the Gallery page which is still under construction …where some of you will find some nice old pictures of people and places, some of which will hopefully stir the memories.

Somewhere and at sometime we will have crossed each others paths without even knowing it.

I’ve had a request from Dave Hall to post some pics of this famous old international company that I worked for way back..so here they are Dave some taken by myself and some taken by my friend Barry Mooney, the second one at the top is not my pic.

The F88 was waiting to clear customs at Aachen Nord in 1978 and I took this pic,

with Eddie Fisher sat in the shotgun seat, the 141 was a lad from IRONBRIDGE, and unfortunately I can’t rember his name..we were based at Railway Street Dewsbury at the time, and ran regular to the Bundersrepublic back then, mainly textiles.

I hope you enjoy the pics Dave, and may they bring back fond memories for  you.

The ones below are when we were based at Wibsey Bradford..and the handsome young gentleman in the pic is Barry himself…



BELOW :- and back to the future…

Back under the night flyer to Northampton.

   BELOW:  Hooked up to the night flyer to Watford Fortec.

I get to have a different horse nearly every night.

I hope you enjoy your visit here, and please come back and tell me if there is something you may like to add to it yourself, you will be most welcome.

If you are interested in road transport, take a look around, more to be added as time goes by.

Any of you older drivers who tramped around Europe etc. in your youth…

check out the Old School European drivers forum on facebook.

Once upon a time we used to be called lorry drivers or wagon drivers when I started out as a lad, and then along came uncle Sam and we lost the old unique quaint British way of life, which seems a million miles away now.

After many years behind the wheel, I have a nice steady number now to take me into my twilight years, I reckon I’ve earned it..lol


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